Welcome to Floradale's Mennonite Church's website. You can find our bulletins, blogs from Fred, calendar, pictures and our newsletter Focus on Floradale. Our church is a member church of Mennonite Churches of Eastern Canada and is located at 22 Florapine Rd. in Floradale Ontario. Our vision is simple, Loving God…Loving our Neighbour. As part of our Adult Sunday School Program we had a seven week series on this vision you can watch online.
If you really want to discover who we are, give us a call or stop by on a Sunday.
Sunday mornings we have Sunday School at 9:45AM and our regular service starts at 11:00AM.
From June 29 to August 31 our worship services begin at 10:00 AM and there is no Sunday School.

Church Bulletin - August 31

Sermon: "The Work of Our Hands" - Kendra Whitfield Ellis

Fred's Blog for August 29

Good morning everyone,

I have noticed this summer that the people of Floradale like to get together to fellowship, and to eat. Shirley and I have been at a few social gatherings this summer that we have really enjoyed. People always say that "we should do this more often" because they seem to enjoy the gathering as much as we do.

Church Bulletin - August 24

There is no service here on Sunday. We are joining the Elmira area churches for a service at the Lion's Hall in Elmira at 10:45 am.

Fred's Blog for August 22

Good morning everyone,

In my life, I have had favourite books of the Bible. I think my first one was the Gospel of John, and then in my university years, I read Ecclesiastes a lot, but then, during my seminary years I really learned to love the Psalms. Now, I think my favourite book is the Gospel of Luke. In this book, Jesus really stands up for the people on the margins or who are on the edge of society.

August 17 2014 Sunday Service

Church Bulletin for August 17

Sermon: "Lord, Help Me/Us/Them" - Fred Redekop

Fred's Blog for August 15

Good morning,

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and reflections for me during my silent retreat that I attended in the first week of August. I was able to relax and be in prayer with God, and also had the opportunity to worship with the community there every day. It was a great experience for me, and I thank you for supporting me in being part of the this important experience for me.

Fred's Independent Article for Aug. 8

August 10 2014 Sunday Service

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