Welcome to Floradale's Mennonite Church's website. You can find our bulletins, blogs from Fred, calendar, pictures and our newsletter Focus on Floradale. Our church is a member church of Mennonite Churches of Eastern Canada and is located at 22 Florapine Rd. in Floradale Ontario. Our vision is simple, Loving God…Loving our Neighbour. As part of our Adult Sunday School Program we had a seven week series on this vision you can watch online.

If you really want to discover who we are, give us a call or stop by on a Sunday.
Sunday mornings during the summer our regular service starts at 10:00AM (July 5 through September 6).

Church Bulletin - November 29'15

Sermon: "What Advent Means to Me this Year" - Lester Kehl

Article - November 27, 2015

Ponder Anew - November 27, 2015

Greetings in the name of the child born in Bethlehem,

I have known Dikran Islemeci for almost eight years. Just after my heart attack (eight years ago yesterday), I attended my first eight-day silent retreat at Loyola House in Guelph. The spiritual director that was assigned to me was Dikran. I had signed up for the retreat before I had my heart attack, so Dikran had been praying for me for a few months before I arrived.

Church Bulletin - November 22'15

Sermon: "The Alpha and the Omega" - Nancy Mann

Sunday November 15 Sunday Service

Ponder Anew - November 20, 2015

Good morning everyone, including God,

Dear God,

I have had trouble lately, in the last month.
To bring the words of prayer to you.
The words are there,
There might be too many, and they get jumbled
they cannot be spoken or prayed or even listened too.
But the thoughts are there, even before the words
can be offered to you... for you to hear.

I know you hear them, even when they are not spoken out loud.
You have heard the disappointments, the fear and the uncertainty
About the past, the present and the future.
You hear it all, and where do you take it in

Church Bulletin - November 15'15

Sermon: "Understanding the Faith of Ruth & Naomi" - Leon Kehl

Ponder Anew - November 13, 2015

Good morning,

To remember is to work for peace --- MCC button

Last weekend, we went to Port Elgin. At the Bruce County Museum, we attended the two person play called "Mary's Wedding." The play described itself as "capturing a time of innocence, courage and self-sacrifice." It was about a battle of WWI seen through the eyes of a soldier and his girlfriend.

November 8 Sunday Service

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